Meet Judson

“District 70 and Arkansas deserve to have real representation. We can no longer be victims of division created by personal agendas.”


​S. Judson Scanlon was bitten by the political bug in 1974 when their mother ran for State Representative in Jonesboro AR. Scanlon was born in Corpus Christi, Tx and spent their formative years in Jonesboro, AR where Scanlon’s father was a Professor of Mathematics and Computer Sciences at Arkansas State University. Scanlon graduated from Nettleton and attended Arkansas State University.

Scanlon’s professional political career began with opposing a statewide anti-gay initiative in Washington State. After being the part of the team stopping that campaign in the signature phase, Scanlon went on to oversee the campaign of Mary Lou Dickerson, State Representative in Washington State. Scanlon continued to work on campaigns in 28 states until 2005 when Scanlon took an assignment to work in her home state of Arkansas. On the second day in Little Rock, Scanlon met her future wife and made the decision to move home.

Since 2005, Scanlon has been training people to run for office and run political campaigns as well as overseeing projects that improve the lives of people in Arkansas. In 2014 Scanlon ran a voter registration program that registered thousands of voters and employed hundreds of organizers and led to the passage of an initiative increasing the minimum wage. In 2016, Scanlon served as the State Director and National LGBTQ Outreach Director for Bernie2016.  Since 2016, Scanlon has focused on recruiting, training, and helping women get elected to

Scanlon is currently sitting for their real estate license and is hoping to create a referral network that invites national agents to look at Arkansas as retirement options for their clients.

“My professional career has been focused on standing up for people and fighting for causes I believe in all over the country. The next step for me is here at home and working for my family and all the families of District 70. One of my political mentors said it best, when we all do better, we all do better. I want to bring that spirit to my neighbors, this District, and the State of Arkansas. Scanlon lives in the Park Hill neighborhood of North Little Rock with their spouse and child.” Scanlon looks forward to the next 10 months.

The newly formed 70th House District comprises Historic Park Hill, Lakewood, Indian Hills, Tanglewood, Sherwood Forest, Sylvan Hills (part), and Millers Crossing (part)